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    605 Fairfax St. Clinton, N.C. 28328
            "SOUTHERN GOSPEL"


 Welcome to our site.

Thanks for dropping by, the ViewMasters has been singing Southern Gospel Music since 1975. The ViewMaster name came from their home church, Plainview Pentecostal Freewill Baptist church located on Hobbton Highway just north of Clinton, NC. The group recently had some changes. Frankie Puryear and Roy Fryar decided to retire after several years on the road, that left one original member, Wayne Weeks singing lead ~ Millard Owen sings the tenor and his wife Deborah Owen plays key board and fills in wherever she is needed. Thurston Smith is our sound technician. We were sadden by the retirement of Frankie and Roy, but time has a way of changing things. However, we felt the Lord had more work for us to do, so with his help we are continuing as a trio. Age has taken it's toll on us, thus we do not book as many events as we did at one time, but as God opens a door and gives us the strength we will keep on keeping on.  

Our goal is to share the gospel thru old time traditional southern gospel four part harmony. We feel that many of our churches are getting away from this. Many of our churches today have never seen what we call the "Red Book Hymnal". The book with songs like I'll Fly Away ~ Victory in Jesus ~ The Old Account was Settled Long Ago. 
Have information about local gospel groups or concerts that are
taking place. Let us know we'll help spread the word.

Mail to:  viewmasters@intrstar.net

" Millard trying to fit into Wayne's Coat "

As always The Viewmasters ask that you
continue to remember them in their ministry !!

    Our motto has always been !!!!
    There's a sermon in every song


We recently did a video recording at our home church. It is entiltled "35 Years of Southern Gospel Live at PlainView". There are 25 songs, the first half consist some of our latest songs, the second half we went back into vault and pulled out some of our really old ones. If it happened it's on DVD)

                              (Lots oF Funny Stuff)  

Our latest CD project "Winging My Way Back Home". You can get your copy from any member of the ViewMasters or you may go by Weeks & Associates Insurance, 308 Vance St. downtown Clinton {592-5132}. You may also call Wayne Weeks at WCLN Radio ~ 592-1170. The new CD not only has twelve of your favorite songs, it also has pictures of the "ViewMaster Winging Team".


* ViewMasters spent several hours at Serenade Studios during the month of October.It was a lot of hard work and fun, check out some of the pictures taken during the recording session.We would like to thank Dave, Mike and Steve for helping us with this project. You are a great group of guys and we appreciate your time and concern for our project along with your enduring patience with us.
May God richly bless each of you !!

Recording Control Room
Steve Kroekel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ David Cable
Mike Milligan
I wonder, is he laughing at us or with us ?
Recording booth
" Wayne at a serious moment "
Recording Booth
" Roy getting down "
Recording Booth
" Deborah getting everything just right "
Mike wondering how many peanuts can that boy eat!
" Millard Doing What He Does Best "
Recording Booth
" Frankie doing his -- Ooh's & Ah's "
Recording Booth
" Millard must have some fat back on that microphone "
" Frankie taking a Pepsi break in control room "
" Sofa is looking mighty good to Wayne "
Kassy Holland
" Youngest Member of the ViewMaster Winging Team "
" ViewMaster Winging Team "
Faye Cooper ~~~~~~ Odis Sutton ~~~~~~~~Nancy Rogers

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ViewMasters Quartet

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